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The Trading Pit is an award-winning proprietary trading firm that provides traders access to funding, platforms, and education to succeed in financial markets. With up to 80% profit splits 💪, truly has its skin in the game!

Step into the dynamic world of trading with this article, The Trading Pit Review, your essential guide to navigating financial markets. 

Whether you're an experienced trader or just starting out, this comprehensive guide provides invaluable insights to capitalize on trading opportunities. This review article includes Trading Pit Challenges, sign-up procedures, Trading Pit payouts, success stories, ratings and reviews, etc.

Starting Off With The Trading Pit Review

The Trading Pit

The Trading Pit is a global multi-asset proprietary trading firm founded in 2021 that is dedicated to setting new standards in online trading. Headquartered in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, with offices in Cyprus, Spain, and Canada, The Trading Pit aims to provide traders worldwide with the optimal conditions, tools, and ecosystem to become successful trading partners.

The Trading Pit also provides traders with valuable resources and support including exclusive webinars and events with professional traders, a 24/7 support team, and advanced trading tools such as the StereoTrader platform.

Key InformationDetails
CEODaniela Egli
Execution and Corporate PartnersCME Groups, GenTwo, etc.
Key FeaturesMulti-asset trading, one-time fee challenges, etc. 
AwardsFastest Growing Prop Firm in Europe 2022, Most Trusted Prop Firm in Europe 2022
Payout SplitUpto 80%
ChallengesCFDs, Futures
LeverageUpto 1:30
Challenge Duration60-90 days
Maximum Account Balance$5 Million
ToolsEducational tools, Trading tools
SupportOffers support through Facebook, Instagram, and their mind-blowing Discord challenge🤩

Key Features of The Trading Pit

  • Multi-Asset Trading: The Trading Pit offers access to trade over 500 assets across forex, crypto, stocks, futures, and CFDs through partnerships with over 25 institutional brokers and trading platforms. This allows traders to diversify and take advantage of opportunities across asset classes.
  • One-Time Fee Challenges: Traders can take part in The Trading Pit's evaluation program which consists of tiered one-time fee challenges ranging from $99 to $999. By passing a challenge a trader gains access to a funded account.
  • Account Scaling: Traders can scale their accounts up over 10 levels, with the maximum account size being $5 million for the largest challenge. Larger accounts have higher profit targets to hit.
  • Withdrawable Profits: Profits are withdrawable at each account level with no restrictions, as long as a trader manages their risk and hits certain profit targets.
  • Trading Platforms: The Trading Pit provides access to advanced trading platforms such as the StereoTrader platform, along with supporting popular platforms like MT4, MT5, ATAS, and Quantower.
  • Support: The Trading Pit offers traders valuable resources and support including exclusive webinars and events, a 24/7 support team, and access to mentors.

The Trading Pit Pros and Cons

Competitive profit splitsShort track record (founded 2021)
Generous scaling opportunities
Cutting-edge trading platforms and tools
Strong corporate backing and transparency

Step Up to The Trading Pit Challenges

Traders, are you ready to test your skills in the trading arena? At The Trading Pit, we've designed multiple challenges across CFDs and futures to assess your trading prowess. Our tiered challenges range from rookie to pro – take your pick!

1. CFD Challenges by The Trading Pit

Flex your muscles in CFD trading on forex, commodities, indices, and more through the CFD challenges. The Trading Pit offers a straightforward 1-Step CFD Challenge where you can enter and exit ultra-short-term scalping positions while managing risk through tight drawdown rules.

Up for more action? Take on the VIP Challenge with a $100K account and an 8% profit target or get started with the Executive Challenge at $50K. Both offer unlimited duration and the potential for up to 80% profit splits. The challenges:

  • VIP Challenge: $100K account balance with 8% profit target ($8K), 5% max daily drawdown, and potential for up to 80% profit splits.
  • Executive Challenge: The most popular challenge! $50K account balance with a 10% profit target ($5K), 5% max daily drawdown, and potential for up to 80% profit splits.
  • Standard Challenge: $20K account balance with 10% profit target ($2K), 10% max daily drawdown, and potential for up to 70% profit splits.
  • Lite Challenge: $10K account balance with 10% profit target ($1K), 10% max daily drawdown, and potential for up to 70% profit splits.

2. Futures Challenges by The Trading Pit

The Trading Pit Futures Challenges

If futures are your game, The Trading Pit has you covered with micro to pro challenges on assets from CME, CBOT, COMEX, and more. The Futures Micro Challenge lets you dip your toes with 5 micro contracts over 30-90 days

For advanced futures traders, take your skills into the ring with the VIP Challenge ($250K account) or Executive Challenge ($150K account), with profit targets of $3K per phase. Manage risk through drawdown rules and reap up to 80% of profits. The challenges: 

  • VIP Challenge: $250K account balance with dual $3K profit targets (one per phase), $2.5K max daily drawdown, and up to 80% profit splits.
  • Executive Challenge: $150K account balance with dual $3K profit targets, $2.5K max daily drawdown in Phase 1, and up to 80% profit splits.
  • Standard Challenge: $150K account balance with $5K profit targets, $3K max daily drawdown in Phase 1, and up to 70% profit splits.
  • Lite Challenge: $20K account balance with $1K profit targets, $250 max daily drawdown in Phase 1, and up to 70% profit splits.

How to Sign Up for The Trading Pit? (Step-by-Step)

Here is the signup process: Take a look!

  • Create a free account on The Trading Pit's website by providing your name, email, phone number, etc.
The Trading Pit Sign Up
  • Verify your identity by submitting KYC documents for review.
  • After verification, select and purchase one of the available “challenge” packages to get funded accounts.
  • Pass the trading evaluation challenge by meeting set profit targets within defined risk rules.
  • Once the challenge is passed, get access to The Trading Pit's funded accounts and scaling plan to continue trading.

The Trading Pit Payouts

The Trading Pit Payouts

The Trading Pit offers a tiered profit-sharing model, with payout percentages increasing as traders move up through account levels. For forex accounts, profit splits start at 50% at the Lite level ($10K account balance) and go up to 80% at the VIP level ($100K balance). For futures, profit splits range from 50% to 70%.

Maximum potential payouts are over $500K – $562,400 for forex and $133,300 for futures. These amounts can be earned cumulatively as traders progress through the account levels and meet defined profit targets.

Withdrawals and payouts are processed every Friday. Profits can be withdrawn at any tier without having to wait until the end. Payout methods include bank wire transfers and cryptocurrencies.

A unique aspect is that The Trading Pit refunds the fee traders pay to take the evaluation challenge if they meet the profit target. This gives traders a risk-free chance to get funded.

Join the Trading Pit Discord! Where Traders Meet and Strategies Sizzle!

The Trading Pit Discord Server

Need some trading inspiration or have a burning question? Dive into The Trading Pit Discord, the hot community chat sizzling 24/7 with lively discussions.

Channels That Deliver Trading Fire

Find your niche in the themed text and voice channels, all monitored by the moderator crew. Talk shop on day trading, swing trading, futures, forex, and more. New traders can take the temperature in beginner-friendly spaces.

Ping a Mentor for 1-on-1 Heat

Get direct access to our team of seasoned trading pros. Shoot a mentor a ping to set up a private call and grill them one-on-one about that strategy you wanna perfect or the concept you struggle to grasp.

With engaging communities, mentorship sessions, and nonstop action, our Discord delivers the heat. So if you're hungry for trading chatter or have a burning question, this is the kitchen to enter. Come feast with The Trading Pit!

The Trading Pit Success Stories

The official website of the Trading Pit is filled with success stories!

Let’s take a look!

How is The Trading Pit Better Than Other Prop Firms?

When it comes to prop trading firms, The Trading Pit stands in a league of its own. Founded in 2021 by trading veterans, The Trading Pit has rapidly emerged as the crème de la crème.

With generous funding up to a whopping $5 million, The Trading Pit leaves its competitors in the dust. While other firms cap funding at $500K or less, The Trading Pit offers 10X higher maximum account sizes for its top traders.

And traders can earn between 50-80% of profits – putting more money in their pockets compared to rivals. The Trading Pit clearly understands that well-incentivized traders perform the best!

When it comes to flexibility, The Trading Pit is no one-trick pony. While competitors focus narrowly on forex or futures, The Trading Pit provides access to a diverse range of markets. Traders are free to pursue opportunities in forex, futures, global stocks, crypto, and more.

So while upstarts come and go, The Trading Pit has firmly established itself as a leader in the prop trading space. With its high funding limits, generous payouts, and versatile markets, The Trading Pit is where talented traders belong. The choice is clear – this race has already been won.

Trustpilot Ratings and Reviews of The Trading Pit

The Trading Pit has an excellent review of 4.4/5.0 on Trustpilot! Come with me as I go through each The Trading Pit Review!

The Trading Pit Trustpilot Reviews

Review 1: This trader is a beginner at trading! As a beginner one can be overwhelmed with multiple things! But, it seems this user had a seamless experience with the prop firm! 🤩

The Trading Pit Reviews on Trustpilot

Review 2: The Trading Pit’s near-perfect customer services are attested by the customer’s review:

Trustpilot The Trading Pit Review

Review 3: This reviewer even considers it the #1 prop firm out there!

Review 3 on The Trustpilot for The Trading Pit

What If You Breach Challenge Rules on The Trading Pit?😲

The Trading Pit has defined rules for its trading challenges, such as daily drawdown limits, maximum drawdowns, restrictions on news trading, and a minimum time limit for scalping trades. Breaching any of these rules will lead to your demo account being automatically disabled by their systems.

Your account will be considered breached if your equity drops below the drawdown limit set for that day. Once breached, your open positions will be closed and your account disabled within about 30 seconds.

Breaching the rules means failing the challenge. You will not be granted access to the Scaling Plan to continue real money trading, nor receive any profit payouts or refund of challenge fees paid. Repeated or serious rule breaches may also result in you being denied access to Trading Pit's services entirely.

The Trading Pit states that rule breaches are assessed automatically by their system, so some flexibility or judgment is not possible even if market movements cause confusion. You would need to provide evidence to justify reversing a rule breach decision. However, rule breaches are generally strictly enforced with little room for exceptions. You can appeal decisions by contacting customer support and providing evidence. However, outcomes will depend on the specifics of each case.

FAQs Related to The Trading Pit Review

Do I need prior trading experience to trade with The Trading Pit?

No, it is not a requirement to have prior trading experience. However, having some experience will likely help you pass the evaluation challenges.

What are the trading hours?

For Forex CFDs, Sunday 9:01 pm – Friday 9:00 pm CET. For ETF CFDs, Monday 3:30 pm – Friday 10:00 pm CET. Other instruments vary.

Is copy trading allowed?

No, copy trading is prohibited in Trading Pit challenges and scaling plans in order to evaluate individual trader skills.

Can I use an Expert Advisor (EA)?

Yes, EAs are generally allowed unless specifically prohibited under certain challenges. You can also use a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to run EAs.

How much are trading commissions and fees?

Commissions and spreads vary based on challenge type, trade size, and instrument. There are no hidden fees. All pricing is 

Can I extend the duration of my challenge?

Yes, you can purchase extensions to add 30, 60, or 90 more days to the challenge duration if you need more time.

If I pass the challenge, what happens next?

You move to the scaling plan where you can earn up to 80% of profits at each tier while managing larger balances and risk limits.

How much can I potentially earn by scaling up?

The maximum payout potential ranges from $111,000 in the Standard challenge up to $562,400 in the VIP challenge.

Wrapping Up on The Trading Pit Review

For traders seeking royal treatment, The Trading Pit is a cut above the rest. This trailblazing prop firm stands out with its generous $5 million funding limits, allowing elite traders to realize their full potential. While rivals impose low ceilings, The Trading Pit offers a staircase to the stars.

And traders earn a princely 50-80% share of profits, putting more wealth in skilled hands. The Trading Pit clearly understands the value of properly incentivizing talent. Its profit-sharing model gives traders the motivation to thrive.

With access to diverse markets like forex, futures, global stocks, and crypto, The Trading Pit provides a versatile arena for traders to pursue opportunities. Competitors with narrow offerings simply cannot compete with this scope.

So for ambitious traders aiming for the top tier, The Trading Pit is the clear choice. With its royal funding limits, noble profit splits, and multi-market kingdom, The Trading Pit lets talent take the throne. The verdict is in – this prop firm wears the crown.

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