In the current scenario where prop firms are getting shut down every now and then, traders are constantly seeking ones that truly empower them to realize their potential.

One such firm that has been creating quite a buzz is Blue Guardian. Founded in 2019 and publicly launched in 2021, this UK-based company has quickly made a name with its unique two-phase evaluation program and highly trader-centric model.

But does Blue Guardian walk the talk when it comes to enabling traders with large capital accounts and promising profit splits?

How does it fare on trust and transparency? This extensive Blue Guardian review will uncover all you need to know about this prop trading firm – from its objective rules and fee structure to customer experiences and areas needing improvement.

Blue Guardian Review

Whether you are a novice dipping your toes into prop trading or a seasoned trader exploring new opportunities, the insights from this review will help you determine if Blue Guardian is the right partner for you. So let’s get started!

Starting Off With Blue Guardian Review 2024

With countless prop firms flooding the market, traders face a dizzying choice of where to stake their money and trust. Yet most fail to fully inspect what lurks beneath the glossy promises. This hard-hitting review pierces through the surface to uncover whether hyped-up prop firm Blue Guardian truly provides the lucrative trading opportunities and stellar support it advertises.

I'll examine the potential catches behind its claims of generous payouts, top-tier risk management tools, and exemplary customer service. Does Blue Guardian genuinely empower its traders or cleverly profit off them? By probing the realities and hidden downsides behind the blue-sky pledges, I aim to empower you to make an informed decision about associating with this ambitious prop player.

My unfiltered investigation leaves no stone unturned in determining if Blue Guardian delivers substance or merely smoke and mirrors.

Blue Guardian Review Vs Other Prop Firms

Prop FirmProfit SplitAccount TypesTrading RestrictionsPlatformsCustomer Rating
Blue Guardian Capital85%/15%2 account typesNo restrictions on strategiesMT4/MT54.8/5 on Trustpilot
FTMO80%/20% or 70%/30%3 account typesNo hedging or grid tradingMT4/MT54.6/5 on Trustpilot

Inside Blue Guardian's Evaluation Program

Phase 1 (40 Days)

  • Traders need to pay a refundable fee of $187 to $997 depending on account size.
  • Must meet profit target of 8%.
  • Maximum daily loss limit of $2,000 (4% of $50,000 account).
  • Maximum total loss of $4,000 (8%).

To move to Phase 2, traders have to prove skills in risk and money management by meeting the strict trading rules and objectives.

Phase 2 (80 Days)

  • Final evaluation phase before getting funded account
  • Lower profit target of 4%
  • Same maximum loss limits as Phase 1
  • The fee is $297 to $947 depending on the account size

After Completing Phase 2

  • Results verified then the account is funded by Blue Guardian
  • Traders keep 85% of profits as “Guardian Traders
  • Consistent trading opens possibilities for increased account sizes

Trading Rules

  • No restrictions on trading strategies like EAs, trade copiers, news trading, and weekend holds.
  • Maximum 1:100 leverage offered on forex, condition.
  • Daily loss limit of 4% of account balance.
  • Phase 1: Minimum 0 trading days, profit target 8%.
  • Phase 2: Minimum 0 trading days, profit target 4%.

Risk Management

  • Guardian Protector” equity protection tool to manage drawdowns.
  • Max 10% total account loss limit across evaluation phases.


  • Refundable evaluation fees range from $87 to $947 depending on account size.
  • No withdrawal or profit split fees.


  • Funded traders get an 85% profit split.
  • Profits are paid out every 2 weeks with no minimum withdrawal amount.


  • Uses MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms which are industry standards, integrated with broker EightCap.
  • Web-based platforms allow for accessibility and ease of use.


  • Displays key account metrics like profit/loss, daily loss limit usage, risk management tools.
  • Charts show detailed trading performance analytics.
  • Easy to navigate with an intuitive user interface.


  • Guardian Protector” equity protection tool helps manage risk and prevent drawdowns
  • No restrictions on EAs, trade copiers, weekend holds, trading strategies
  • Generous 85% profit split for funded accounts

Blue Guardian's Regulation and Licensing

  • Blue Guardian does not disclose any licensing or regulation details on their website or in their terms and conditions. This lack of transparency could be a turnoff for some traders.
  • Review sites note that Blue Guardian operates in the UK but uses a Seychelles-regulated broker (EightCap) to bring trades to market. So they appear to rely on the broker for regulation.
  • As a prop trading firm, Blue Guardian may not need direct FCA regulation. However, more licensing details would improve trust and credibility.

Blue Guardian Pros and Cons


  • Supportive tools for managing risk and drawdowns like “Guardian Protector“.
  • Generally positive trader reviews and 4+ star rating.
  • Accessible path to get funding to trade on financial markets.
  • Favorable trading conditions with no restrictions on strategies.
  • Fast bi-weekly payouts, no withdrawal fees.


  • Lack of regulation and licensing transparency.
  • Some concerns over the speed of customer support response times.
  • Trading conditions are very focused on risk minimization.

FAQs Related to Blue Guardian

What is Blue Guardian?

A UK-based proprietary trading firm that offers a two-phase evaluation program for forex traders to get funded accounts.

What trading platforms does Blue Guardian use?

Blue Guardian uses MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, integrated with broker EightCap.

What are the evaluation phases at Blue Guardian?

Phase 1 is 40 days, and Phase 2 is 80 days, with specific profit targets and loss limits to be met.

What is the profit split for funded traders at Blue Guardian?

Funded traders can earn up to an 85% profit split.

Are there any restrictions on trading strategies at Blue Guardian?

No, there are no restrictions on EAs, trade copiers, news trading, or weekend holds.

What risk management tools does Blue Guardian offer?

The “Guardian Protector” tool helps manage risk and prevent drawdowns.

What are the fees for the evaluation program at Blue Guardian?

Evaluation fees range from $87 to $947 depending on account size, and are refundable once funded.

How does Blue Guardian handle payouts?

Profits are paid out every 2 weeks with no minimum withdrawal amount.

Is Blue Guardian Regulated?

Blue Guardian does not provide licensing or regulation details, which could be a concern for some traders.

How does Blue Guardian compare to other prop firms?

Blue Guardian offers competitive profit targets and supports various trading strategies without imposing restrictions, promoting trading freedom.

Wrapping Up on Blue Guardian Review

After delving deep into Blue Guardian's offerings, it's clear that this UK-based prop firm, established in 2019, stands out for its commitment to nurturing trading talent through a structured two-phase evaluation program.

With an 85% profit split that surpasses industry standards, refundable evaluation fees, and the innovative Guardian Protector for risk management, Blue Guardian positions itself as a compelling choice for serious traders.

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