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Glow Node is a UK-based prop trading firm that provides funded trading accounts to aspiring traders globally. 

They offer a unique blend of features designed to support and enhance the trading capabilities of their participants.

The company has gained popularity for its flexible payout structure and high-profit splits, with splits as high as 80%, and if you’re great at it, then they’ve recorded splits as high as 90%! 

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Glow Node's payout structure, including definition, benefits, procedures, and comparisons to other prop firms.

πŸ’° What is Glow Node Payout? πŸ’°

Glow Node

Glow Node payout refers to the process where successfully funded traders on the platform can withdraw their share of profits generated from trading the firm's capital.

As per Glow Node's terms of service, traders need to email their payout requests to after an initial mandatory waiting period. The firm then verifies trading performance and other conditions before releasing funds to the trader's preferred payment method.

Key InformationDetails
Glow Node CEOSam Bradbury, Ryan Beasley
PartnersThe firm partners with EightCap, offering traders a reliable and widely recognized trading environment. This collaboration ensures access to a comprehensive list of trading instruments, further supporting diversified trading strategies.
Key featuresTrading Freedom: Unlike many other prop firms, Glow Node imposes minimal restrictions on trading styles. Traders are free to trade during news events, hold trades overnight, and even trade over the weekend, providing a high degree of operational freedom. Educational Support: Glow Node places a strong emphasis on collaboration and education, offering free weekly training sessions to help traders master their strategies and improve their trading psychology. This focus on education aims to foster a supportive community where traders can grow and thrive. Scaling Opportunities: Glow Node offers scalable accounts, with the potential to manage capital up to $1,000,000. Traders can scale their balance by achieving a 10% profit over 3 months, after which their balance will be increased by 30%, up to a limit of $1,000,000.
Evaluation SystemGlow Node stands out for its flexible evaluation process, including one-phase and two-phase evaluation programs, as well as instant funding options. This flexibility allows traders to select a program that best matches their trading style and comfort level.
SupportGlow Node is known for its fast and efficient customer support, available through live chat and a Discord channel. This ensures that traders have access to timely assistance and guidance.

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Understanding Glow Node’s Payout Structure

Let’s analyze Glow Node’s Payout structure! Shall we??? Let’s go!!! πŸš€

1. Glow Node Payout Eligibility

Following the payout eligibility criteria:

Withdrawal Conditions and Minimum Amount:

  • Traders can request their first payout after a 14-day waiting period. Subsequent payouts are made every 14 days without needing requests.
  • There is no minimum payout amount. Payout requests over $50 are allowed. Traders receive full eligible amounts without any withdrawal fees or commissions.

Account Rules and Breach Consequences:

  • Traders must follow all account rules like maximum drawdown limits. Breaching rules before 14 days results in loss of payout eligibility. Breaches after 14 days lead to a 50% payout of profits.

Maximum Drawdown Allowed:

  • The maximum total drawdown limit ranges from 8-10% depending on the account type. This is calculated based on the account balance at the start of a transaction.

2. Glow Node Payout Timeline

  • Traders can request their first payout after a 14-day waiting period. Subsequent payouts are made every 14 days without needing additional requests.
  • Payout requests are processed and funds are disbursed usually within hours after verification and approval by Glow Node.
  • Recent partnerships with companies like RiseWorks allow instant payouts instead of waiting days for bank transfers.
  • There is flexibility around payout schedules. Traders can request less frequent payouts than the standard bi-weekly timeline if desired.
  • Glow Node has steadily reduced payout timelines over the past year. Their first payout in 2022 took about 4 days but now most payouts happen within hours.
  • The payout infrastructure and speed have improved significantly, with monthly payout amounts to traders increasing from $3,863 initially to over $120,000 recently.

3. Glow Node Payout Split

Glow Node offers a base profit split of 80%, which is among the highest in the prop trading industry. As traders scale profits over time, the split can increase to up to 90%.

  • The 80% base split applies to all account types – 2 Phase Evaluation, 1 Phase Evaluation, and Instant Funding. There is no difference in profit split based on account.
  • Traders need to achieve a 10% profit target within 3 consecutive months to qualify for a balance increase. When the balance scales up, the profit split increases to 90% where it remains permanently.
  • During the initial funding period, Glow Node's share is 20%. After meeting the scaling criteria, the share reduces to 10% in favor of the trader's share increasing to 90%. This split applies uniformly to all account types.

4. Glow Node Payout Methods

Glow Node provides traders flexibility in how they receive earnings. Payments are made through It offers payout withdrawals via the following methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • E-wallets
  • Crypto wallets

🀩 Key Benefits of Glow Node Payout 🀩

Glow Node offers several advantages with its payout structure:

  • Bi-weekly payouts: After the initial payout, traders receive earnings every 14 days without having to request withdrawals repeatedly. This provides consistent income flow.
  • High profit splits: Traders retain up to 90% of profits generated, one of the highest in the prop industry. Splits start at 80% and increase to 90% as traders scale profits.
  • No withdrawal fees: Glow Node does not charge any withdrawal fees or commissions on payouts. Traders receive full eligible amounts.
  • Instant payouts: Recent updates allow instant withdrawals through partners like RiseWorks instead of waiting days for bank transfers.

Comparison to other Prop Firms

Compared to other major prop firms, Glow Node stands out with its payout flexibility:

  • Topstep offers payouts only once every month instead of bi-weekly payments. The withdrawal timeline is also longer compared to Glow Node.
  • Funded Traders has a minimum payout amount of $100, whereas Glow Node does not enforce any such threshold.
  • Consider MyForexFunds, it pays out on a net-15 schedule, while Glow Node manages bi-weekly payouts from the second withdrawal onwards.

Ratings and Reviews of Glow Node 

Glow Node boasts an impressive rating of 4.5 out of 5! Let’s take a look at what people have to say about Glow Node!

Review 1:

Glow Node Ratings and Reviews 1

Review 2:

Glow Node Ratings and Reviews 2

Review 3: 

Glow Node Ratings and Reviews 3

FAQs on Glow Node Payout

What is the scaling process at Glow Node?

Traders at Glow Node can scale their balance regardless of the type of account. They need to earn a 10% profit for 3 months, then the balance will be increased by 30%. The scaling limit is $1,000,000.

What are the trading instruments available at Glow Node?

Glow Node provides a variety of trading instruments that are in the pool of Eightcap. These include fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, and metals.

What is customer support like at Glow Node?

Glow Node offers live chat and Discord channel support for its traders. The firm is known for its stellar customer support and transparent trading conditions.

What is the Glow Node Challenge?

The Glow Node Challenge is designed to be inclusive, allowing a wide range of traders to benefit from its offerings. The challenge does not have time limits, allowing traders to pass as fast or as slow as they like.

What is the community like at Glow Node?

Glow Node has a collaborative atmosphere that extends beyond skill levels, creating a platform where traders can grow and thrive together. The firm also has a Discord community that is commended for its helpful moderators.

What are the account sizes at Glow Node?

Glow Node offers account sizes ranging from $5,000 to $200,000, providing a broad spectrum for different levels of traders.

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Bottom Line

Overall, Glow Node's combination of no withdrawal fees, instant payouts, and high-profit splits makes its payout structure one of the best in the prop trading industry.

Glow Node's payout process provides funded traders with timely access to their share of profits with flexibility around payment schedules. 

The high-profit splits and instant withdrawal capabilities give it an edge over competitors. 

As Glow Node continues enhancing its payout infrastructure, traders can expect an even more streamlined and frictionless experience.

So, what are you waiting for?? Start making money!!!

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