Have you ever wondered if trading could be your ticket to financial freedom? I certainly did, but lacked the capital required to get started. This led me on a journey to discover the best one step prop firms that provide traders access to funding with a single evaluation.

These One Step prop firms are revolutionizing the traditional multi-step funding model, allowing ambitious traders to showcase their skills and secure backing swiftly. But with so many prop firms out there, how do you identify the top players?

Throughout this article, I will be spotlighting the premier one step prop firms, analyzing their unique features and benefits. You'll discover everything from account sizes and profit splits to special discounts and promo codes. My goal is to equip aspiring traders with the knowledge to select the ideal one step prop firm to match their trading style and accelerate their success.

So if you're eager to land a funded account and start compounding your capital, you won't want to miss this guide on the best one step prop firms of 2024.

What are One Step Prop Firms?

Best One Step Prop Firms

One step prop firms offer traders a streamlined approach to secure funding by combining the evaluation and funding process into a single step. These Forex Prop firms provide essential tools like trading platforms, risk management instruments, and market access while sharing the risk of trading with the traders.

In return, they receive a portion of the profits generated by the traders they support. This simplified process allows traders to focus on showcasing their trading skills and potentially accessing funding more efficiently. 

A Closer Look at the Best One Step Prop Firms 2024

Prop FirmStarting Fees fromMaximum Loss %Profit Target %Profit Split %Payout FrequencyPlatforms
Skilled Funded Traders$655%10%80-90%14 DaysMT4/MT5
Funded Trader$0 (Free Trial)5-10%10%80-90%14 DaysMT4/MT5
Traders With Edge$555%10%80%14 DaysMT4/MT5
Funded Next$595-10%10-25%80-90%7 DaysMT4/MT5
FTUK$1495%10%70-80%7-14 DaysMT4/MT5
Earn2Trade$755%10%80%14 DaysNinjaTrader
Fidelcrest$9995%10%80%11 DaysMT4/MT5

#1 Skilled Funded Traders

Skilled Funded Traders

Founded in 2022, Skilled Funded Traders is a proprietary trading firm that offers a one-step evaluation process for experienced traders to prove their skills and become funded remote traders. Upon passing, traders can choose to manage capital through Skilled's account scaling plan and retain 80% of the virtual profits generated.

As a one step prop firm, Skilled Funded Traders offers account sizes up to $300,000, advanced trading platforms, and market access with a maximum 5% daily loss, and an 80/20 profit split. Their streamlined evaluation focuses on consistency rather than duration. With strong funding amounts and favorable profit splits, Skilled aims to accelerate trader funding and growth. Their experienced founder team focuses on creating the best products and conditions for trader success.

FactorSkilled Funded Traders
Account Sizes and Funding Amounts OfferedUp to $300,000
Platforms, Tools, and Market Access ProvidedAdvanced trading platforms and full market access
Evaluation Rules and DurationTwo-stage evaluation process: SFT Challenge and SFT Verification/ 5-10 days, 5% max daily loss
Profit Split Terms80% for trader, 20% for firm
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#2 Funded Trader

The Funded Trader

Funded Trader is a proprietary trading firm founded in 2021 by Angelo Ciaramello, Blake Olson, and Carlos Rico Jr. with the aim of disrupting the industry by offering top-notch support, customer-centric challenges, and an interactive trading community.

The firm is based in Liberty Hill, Texas. The founders introduced free competitions to the trading industry, allowing traders to showcase their skills and win challenges for free. They also launched the Rapid Challenge, which allows traders to get funded in as little as 3 days and reach their first payout in 14 days.

FactorsFunded Trader
Account sizes and funding amounts offeredUp to $600,000
Platforms, tools, and market access providedExpert Advisors, Online demo simulated trading evaluation firm
Evaluation rules and duration8% profit target, 5% daily loss limit, 10% max loss, no maximum days
Profit split terms80% | 90% with scaling

#3 Traders With Edge

Traders with Edge

Traders With Edge is a US-based prop trading firm founded in 2022 that provides funding opportunities for forex and CFD traders. It offers a unique one-phase evaluation program called the “Turtle Challenge” that allows traders to get funded with only one evaluation stage.

Traders With Edge offers generous account sizes and funding opportunities along with a straightforward one-step evaluation program. It provides access to all major trading instruments and flexible profit targets and risk rules. With innovative offerings and strong community support, Traders With Edge is emerging as one of the top one step prop firms.

FactorsTraders With Edge
Account sizes and funding amounts offeredChallenge account: $5,000 max balanceFunded account: Up to $2 million after scaling
Platforms, tools, and market access providedMT4 and MT5 trading platforms
Evaluation rules and duration10% minimum profit target2.5% max daily loss5% max total lossNo minimum or maximum duration
Profit split terms80/20 trader/firm split

#4 Funded Next

Funded Next

FundedNext is one of the best one step prop firms that provides traders with access to capital, technology, and risk management tools. Established in the UAE, the company offers funding to traders worldwide, with a focus on maximizing their potential and providing a trader-friendly environment.

FundedNext stands out as one of the best one step prop firms due to its unique offerings, such as a 15% profit share from the challenge phase profits, an 80% real profit share, and no time limits on its funding challenges. Funded Next offers a balance-based drawdown, allowing traders to trade with peace of mind.

Account sizes and funding amounts offeredRanging from $6,000 to $300,000
Platforms, tools, and market access providedMetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
Evaluation rules and durationNo time limits on challenges
Profit split terms15% profit share from challenge phase profits, 80% real profit share



FTUK, founded in February 2021, is a London-based one step prop firm that offers traders the opportunity to leverage their success and build accelerated capital while being rewarded through their funding programs. They provide two funding options: the Evaluation Program and the Instant Funding Program.

The Evaluation Program is a single-phase process where traders must demonstrate their ability to manage large capital, with funding amounts ranging from $14,000 to $90,000. The Instant Funding Program is designed for profitable traders who want to receive instant funding on a live account without going through an evaluation.

Account sizes and funding amounts offered$14,000 to $90,000
Platforms, tools, and market access providedEightCap
Evaluation rules and durationOne-step evaluation, no time limits
Profit split terms80% profit share

#6 Earn2Trade


Earn2Trade is a futures trading education and evaluation company that offers flexible funded trader evaluation programs and extensive educational content. It aims to connect traders with proprietary trading firms through single-step evaluations on simulated accounts. Traders who pass the test receive a guaranteed funding offer from Earn2Trade's partner.

As a one step prop firm, Earn2Trade stands out for its comprehensive offerings. It provides a range of account sizes for the Gauntlet Mini evaluation program, varying between $25,000 and $150,000. The evaluation rules require traders to trade a minimum of 15 trading days without hitting or falling below the daily loss or the minimum account balance.

Account Sizes and Funding Amounts$25,000 to $150,000
Platforms, Tools, and Market AccessNinjaTrader platform. Access to TradingView, TraderSync, Journalytix
Evaluation Rules and DurationMinimum of 15 trading days, daily loss and minimum account balance rules
Profit Split Terms80/20 in favor of the trader

#7 Fidelcrest

Fidelcrest, founded in 2018, is a distinguished proprietary trading firm that offers a range of benefits to its traders, including industry-leading profit splits, efficient funding options, and a comprehensive portfolio of tradable assets that includes cryptocurrency. The firm provides retail traders the ability to access larger capital and make a significant difference in their lives.

Fidelcrest allows traders to earn a funded trading account by passing a comprehensive evaluation. The firm offers a range of educational resources and risk management tools to support traders. With the option to trade with capital amounts up to $1 million, Fidelcrest is a suitable partner for traders seeking to optimize their investment.

Here is a detailed evaluation of Fidelcrest as a one step prop firm

Account sizes and funding amounts offeredUp to $2 million
Platforms, tools, and market access providedMT4 and MT5 platforms, over 175 financial instruments
Evaluation rules and durationTwo-step evaluation process with a trading period of 60 days for each step
Profit split termsUp to 90% profit split

Key Considerations in Choosing a One Step Prop Firm

When choosing a one step proprietary (prop) trading firm, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. Some of them are:

Training and Support: A reputable prop firm should provide comprehensive training programs and ongoing support to help you become a successful trader.

Trading Policies and Rules: Review the firm's trading policies and rules. Are there restrictions on the trading strategies you can implement? A firm that offers flexibility could be a better choice, providing you with the space to grow as a trader.

Firm’s Reputation and Regulatory Adherence: The reputation of the firm and its adherence to regulatory standards is crucial. This ensures that the firm operates within the legal framework and maintains high ethical standards.

Profit Sharing Structure: Consider the firm's profit-sharing structure. Some firms offer a high-profit share, which can be a significant incentive for traders.

Risk Management Tools: Prop firms should provide traders with risk management tools to protect their capital and ensure the long-term viability of their trading strategy.

Funding Options: Look at the funding options the firm offers. Some firms provide various account sizes, allowing you to choose an option that suits your trading style and risk tolerance.

Fees: Consider the fees associated with the prop firm. These can include evaluation fees, monthly fees, or other costs. Make sure to understand all the fees before committing to a firm.

Community and Support: A supportive community of traders can be beneficial, especially for new traders. This can provide a platform for learning, sharing experiences, and getting advice.

No Time Limit on Challenge Phase: Some forex prop firms offer no time limits in their funding challenges, which means you can trade with complete peace of mind, without the anxiety of reaching the profit target within a deadline.

Risks Associated with One Step Prop Firms

Below are some of the risks associated with one step prop firms:

Financial Loss: The deposit of prop traders is not insured, exposing it to potential financial loss due to poor performance or fraud.

Strict Risk Management: Prop firms have stringent risk management guidelines that all traders must follow. These guidelines can include stop-loss limits, maximum drawdowns, and position-sizing rules, among others.

Pressure to Perform: The risk of losing funds due to poor performance may be amplified by the constant pressure to perform well, a burden that many traders cannot handle consistently.

Higher Upfront Cost and Stricter Profit Targets: The one-step challenge offers immediate funding but requires a higher upfront cost and may have stricter profit targets.

Emotional Stress: The weight of financial risk and the ever-present emotions of fear and greed can cloud judgment and lead to poor trading decisions.

Potential Manipulation During Challenges/Funded Accounts: Some prop firms may manipulate the trading conditions during the evaluation phase or when trading with a funded account.

Why Should I Consider One Step Prop Firms?

Seeking a faster path to funded trading? One step prop firms allow ambitious traders to secure backing swiftly after a single evaluation, accelerating access to capital and amplifying profit potential. Here are some key benefits of one step evaluation prop firms:

Faster Access to Capital: One step prop firms streamline the funding process, allowing traders to demonstrate their skills and secure funding in a single step.

Real-Time Trading Experience: With a one-step evaluation, traders get to trade with a live account in a real-time environment, providing an excellent opportunity to experience the pressures of live trading and adapt accordingly.

Customizable Risk Parameters: During a one-step prop firm evaluation, risk parameters can be customized, allowing traders to tweak the criteria to reflect their forex trading style.

Access to Diverse Markets: Prop firms with one-step evaluation often provide access to various financial markets and instruments, allowing traders to diversify their trading strategies.

Reduced Personal Risk: When trading with the firm’s capital, personal losses are limited to any fees or drawdowns, significantly decreasing the financial risk associated with trading.

Shared Risk: One step prop firms share the risk of trading with the traders, encouraging a mutually beneficial partnership.

Access to Advanced Tools: These firms equip traders with essential resources like advanced trading platforms, comprehensive risk management tools, and access to various markets.

Potential for Greater Profits: Traders have the opportunity to leverage their profits, which means that successful trades can result in significant gains.

Improved Trading Discipline: Prop firms provide comprehensive risk management guidelines and limits for their traders, helping them develop discipline.

Commonly Asked Questions Related to the One Step Prop Firms 2024

What is a one step prop firm?

A one step prop firm is a proprietary trading firm that allows traders to access its capital after passing a single evaluation phase. This model simplifies the process and provides quicker access to capital for trading.

How does a one step prop firm work?

Traders pay an upfront fee to trade a simulated account with preset risk rules. If they hit a profit target without exceeding loss limits, they get a funded account to trade using the firm's capital.

What is the profit-sharing arrangement in one step prop firms?

Profits are shared between the trader and the prop firm according to a predefined arrangement. The exact split varies by firm.

What happens if I fail the one-step evaluation?

If a trader fails the evaluation, they typically lose their upfront fee. Some firms may offer a re-evaluation at a reduced cost.

Can I trade any asset class in a one-step prop firm?

The available asset classes depend on the firm. Most prop firms allow trading in major asset classes like stocks, forex, futures, and options.

Do one-step prop firms provide training or mentorship?

Some firms offer training programs, mentorship, and trading tools. However, the level of support varies by firm.

Are one-step prop firms regulated?

Regulation varies by country and firm. It's important to check the regulatory status of a firm before signing up.

Closing the Deal

One step prop firms offer traders a fast track to securing funding and accessing capital to grow their strategies. While the model comes with risks like strict rules, profit-sharing, and potential loss, the top firms provide the infrastructure for skilled traders to thrive.

So which one prop firm is right for you? The answer depends on your trading style, risk appetite, account size, and asset class preferences. Carefully evaluate all policies and fee structures first. Are you willing to take the leap of faith and put your skills to the test? The one step forex prop firms on our shortlist have funded hundreds of successful traders over the years. Maybe you could be next?

If you have the talent and work ethic to hit targets without breaking risk limits, a reputable one step forex prop firm could be your gateway to a professional trading career. Why not crunch the numbers and assess if the potential rewards outweigh the risks? Who knows, this time next year you could be a funded trader with a bright future thanks to selecting the ideal launching pad. The only question left is: are you ready for your one-step challenge?

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