One step evaluation prop firms are revolutionizing the world of proprietary trading. In the past, traders had to go through lengthy, multi-phase evaluations over several months before securing funding from a prop firm. However, one-step evaluation firms have streamlined this process into a single assessment phase. 

Traders now have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and gain access to funding through a simplified, efficient model. By consolidating the evaluation into one decisive step, these prop firms enable skilled traders to unlock their potential and start profiting.

For ambitious traders seeking πŸ‘€ funded accounts, one-step evaluation prop firms provide unparalleled ease of entry and a straightforward path to trading success. 

This new breed of prop firm offers traders the capital and infrastructure to thrive, without the typical hurdles.

What are One Step Evaluation Prop Firms?

One step evaluation prop firms provide traders with a streamlined path to securing funding and trading capital. Unlike traditional prop firms with lengthy multi-phase assessments, one-step evaluation firms consolidate the process into a single decisive evaluation.

Skilled traders can demonstrate their abilities in this one assessment to gain access to funding and infrastructure like risk management tools. These innovative prop firms enable traders to unlock their potential through an efficient, straightforward model focused on talent over lengthy evaluations.

What Does the One-Step Process Involve?

One Step Evaluation Prop Firms

The one-step process in proprietary trading firms is a streamlined approach designed to quickly identify and fund talented traders. Here's what it involves:

  • Demo Account Trading: Traders are given a simulated account to trade with virtual money under real market conditions.
  • Profit Targets: Participants must hit predetermined profit targets to prove their trading acumen.
  • Risk Management: Strict risk rules are in place, including limits on maximum drawdown to ensure traders can manage losses effectively.
  • Consistency and Frequency: Traders must demonstrate consistent trading activity and adhere to any frequency requirements set by the firm.

This process is attractive for its efficiency, allowing skilled traders to bypass the lengthy multi-phase evaluations and get to trading with real capital much faster.

Best One Step Evaluation Forex Prop Firms

Best One Step Prop Firms

Here are some of the best one-step proprietary trading firms listed below:

Prop FirmAccount SizesProfit TargetDrawdown LimitProfit Split
SurgeTrader$25k – $1M10%5%Up to 90%
Funded Next$6k – $200k8-10%5-10%Up to 90%
TopTier Trader$5k – $300k5-10%5-10%Up to 90%
Fidelcrest$250k – $1M10%10-20%Up to 80%

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How to Get Started with One Step Evaluation Prop Firms?

To get started with a 1-step evaluation at a proprietary trading firm, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Research Prop Firms: Look for reputable one-step evaluation prop firms that offer one-step evaluations. Check their track record, reviews, and the financial instruments they allow you to trade.
  • Understand the Rules: Each firm has its own set of rules and objectives. Familiarize yourself with the profit targets, maximum drawdown limits, and any other specific guidelines they have in place.
  • Select a Program: Choose a program that aligns with your trading strategy and experience level. Consider the evaluation period, which can range from 30 to 90 days, and ensure it suits your trading plan.
  • Prepare Financially: Be ready to pay the one-time evaluation fee, which varies from firm to firm. This fee is typically your only upfront cost.
  • Simulated Trading: Start trading on a demo account provided by the firm. Apply your trading strategy while strictly adhering to the firm's risk management rules.
  • Meet the Targets: Aim to reach the specified profit target within the evaluation period without exceeding the drawdown limits.
  • Review and Reflect: Throughout the evaluation, regularly review your trades and adjust your strategies as needed to stay within the firm's guidelines.
  • Achieve Funding: Upon successfully meeting the profit and risk management criteria, you'll be eligible to receive a funded trading account from the prop firm.
  • Start Real Trading: With the funded account, you can begin trading real money. Continue to follow the firm's rules and share profits as per the agreed terms.

One Step Evaluation: Who is it for?

The One Step Evaluation program offered by many prop firms is best suited for experienced, disciplined traders who have a proven track record of managing risk and applying consistent strategies.

Traders who are confident in their abilities, are eager to access larger trading capital quickly, and prefer to trade independently can benefit the most from the streamlined one-step process. 

The condensed timeframe and strict rules appeal to ambitious traders focused on showcasing their skills to get funded in an efficient manner. However, the evaluation does require a high level of trading consistency, risk control, and mental composure to meet targets within tighter parameters.

How to Choose a One Step Evaluation Prop Firm?

When choosing a prop firm for one-step evaluation, it's important to consider several factors to ensure it aligns with your trading strategy and risk management preferences. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Trading Strategy Alignment: The firm's trading rules and conditions should align with your trading strategy and risk management preferences.
  • Account Terms: Look at the account size, buying power, profit targets, and drawdown limits offered by the firm.
  • Profit Split and Fees: Understand the firm's profit split offers and fee structures. A fair and transparent profit split is crucial.
  • Regulation and Reputation: Check the firm's regulation status and reputation in the industry. Prioritize regulated firms with a good reputation.
  • Support and Education: Consider the onboarding support and trader education provided by the firm. These can be crucial for your success.
  • Evaluation Benchmarks: Understand the firm's evaluation benchmarks and ensure they are achievable based on your trading skills.
  • Technology and Platforms: Check the technology, platforms, and data feeds provided by the firm. These should meet your trading needs.
  • Customer Service: Consider the firm's customer service responsiveness. Good customer service can be very helpful.
  • Trader Experiences: Look at the experiences of current and past traders with the firm. This can give you valuable insights.
  • Transparency: The firm should be transparent about its rules and any potential changes to them.

Pros and Cons of One Step Challenge


  • Streamlined and faster process to get funded
  • Lower barriers to entry and upfront costs
  • Allows traders to highlight skills from the start
  • Traders can access larger capital faster
  • Potential for higher profit splits with firms


  • Higher risk as rules can change unexpectedly
  • Biased evaluation favoring the prop firm
  • Strict drawdown limits around 5-6%
  • Traders need to carefully vet firms to avoid scams
  • Less flexibility than two-step evaluations

Risk Management in One Step Evaluation: Monitoring Risk in the Fast Lane

One step evaluation prop firms equip traders with robust risk management infrastructure to facilitate responsible trading. These include advanced software tools like automated stop-loss orders to restrict losses and algorithmic trading platforms that enable precise trade execution.

Traders also get access to sophisticated analytics dashboards to monitor risk exposure across their portfolios in real time. For instance, key metrics like Value-at-Risk, margin utilization, and maximum drawdown are tracked.Β Some prop firms even offer dedicated risk management advisors to guide traders in optimizing their risk strategies.

Additionally, protective instruments like hedging contracts can be utilized to offset losses on core positions. With strong guardrails and infrastructure in place, traders can focus on honing profitable strategies while prop firms safeguard against excessive risk-taking.

The shared risk model aligns incentives, allowing traders to reap greater rewards on their proven edge while prop firms ensure systemic accountability.

Top FAQs Related to One Step Evaluation Prop Firms 2024

What is one-step funding at a prop firm?

A one-step evaluation is a streamlined process where traders demonstrate their skills in a single phase to access funding from a prop firm.

How does the One Step Evaluation process work?

Traders trade a demo account adhering to preset rules, aiming to hit a profit target within a set timeframe without exceeding maximum drawdown limits.

What are the benefits of a one-step evaluation?

The One Step Evaluation allows traders to access funding faster, has lower upfront costs, and lets traders showcase their skills from the start.

What are the drawbacks of a one-step evaluation?

The One Step Evaluation can be riskier due to strict rules and the potential for unexpected changes. It also requires careful vetting of prop firms to avoid scams.

Who is the One Step Evaluation suitable for?

The One Step Evaluation is best for experienced, disciplined traders who can manage risk effectively and consistently apply their trading strategies.

What happens after passing the one-step evaluation?

After passing the evaluation, traders are awarded a funded live trading account to continue applying their strategies. The prop firm takes a share of net profits as their fee.

What happens if I fail the one-step evaluation?

If you fail the evaluation, typically you would need to restart the process, often with a new fee. Some firms may offer a second chance or discounted re-entry.

Can I trade any asset in the one-step evaluation?

This depends on the prop firm. Some allow a wide range of assets, while others restrict to specific markets like Forex or Futures.

How can I increase my chances of passing the one-step evaluation?

To increase your chances, understand all rules thoroughly, stick to your trading plan, manage risk effectively, and maintain consistency in your trading.

What’s the typical timeframe for a one-step evaluation?

The timeframe can range from 30 days to 90 days at most prop firms offering this program.

How does a one-step evaluation differ from a two-step evaluation?

One-step evaluation is faster but has stricter profit targets and drawdown limits compared to a two-step evaluation spread over multiple phases.

Can I Use EAs in one-step evaluation prop firms?

Yes, most of the one-step prop firms allow trading bots and EAs for automating trading in forex, but remember that only a few handful of prop firms allow HFT trading.

Wrapping Up | One Step Ahead or One Step Behind?

For ambitious forex traders eager to accelerate their progress, the choice is clear. Prop firms offering streamlined, one-step evaluations provide an efficient avenue to access more trading capital. By consolidating the evaluation process, skilled traders can demonstrate abilities faster while adhering to disciplined risk management.

The numbers speak for themselves – one US-based firm funded over $18 million to traders in 2023 alone through their Express program. With another reporting 70% passing rates for their one-step evaluation, the incentives are compelling. Still, consistency remains vital, and strict drawdown limits allow little margin for error.

So can budding traders step up? Or will undisciplined risks trip them up?

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