City Traders Imperium (CTI) is a proprietary trading firm established in 2018, dedicated to empowering traders by providing them with the capital and resources needed to succeed in the financial markets. City Traders Imperium Review distinguishes itself through a commitment to transparency, optimal trading conditions, and a culture of integrity and support.

The firm is built on the foundation of experienced traders who understand the challenges and aspirations of the trading profession, aiming to reflect the founders' journeys in every trader's experience.

CTI offers a range of funding programs designed to accommodate various trading styles, strategies, and budgets, recognizing trading as a uniquely individual endeavor. These programs are crafted to support traders at every stage of their journey, from conservative newcomers to experienced visionaries ready to take calculated risks.

Key Highlights of City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium
  • Funding Programs: CTI offers a variety of funding programs, including 2-step, 1-step, and No-Evaluation programs, catering to traders with different risk tolerances and trading styles. These programs are designed for aggressive capital growth, with the potential to scale up to $4 million.
  • High Pass Rate and Funded Capital: CTI boasts a high pass rate and has provided over $367 million in funded capital to more than 21,000 funded traders.
  • Profit Sharing and Salary Potential: Traders can enjoy up to 100% profit share under certain conditions and have the opportunity to earn a monthly salary, highlighting CTI's commitment to rewarding successful trading.
  • Trading Conditions: CTI supports a wide range of trading strategies, including the use of Expert Advisors (EAs), trade copiers, weekend trading, overnight holding, and news trading. The firm offers competitive trading conditions with low commissions and average spreads of 0.2 pips.
  • Educational Resources and Community: CTI is committed to trader development, offering access to live webinars, expert advisors for trade optimization, and a collaborative community for knowledge sharing.
  • Financial Stability and Integrity: The firm emphasizes its financial robustness, with a substantial capital reserve specifically for trader payouts, ensuring reliability even during market downturns.
  • Accessibility and Support: CTI is designed to support traders at every stage of their journey, offering a variety of funding programs to cater to different trading styles, strategies, and budgets.

Quick Overview of City Traders Imperium Review

Company NameCity Traders Imperium (CTI)
Funding Programs2-Step, 1-Step, No-Evaluation
Capital ProvidedUp to $4 million
Profit ShareUp to 100%
Profit Target10% in Phase 1, 5% in Phase 2, 10% to scale up
DrawdownMax Daily Drawdown: 5%, Max Absolute Drawdown: 10%
Trading Styles SupportedEAs, trade copiers, weekend trading, overnight holding, news trading
Commission$4.5/lot for 2-Step and 1-Step, $5.5/lot for No-Evaluation
SpreadsAverage 0.2 pips
Symbols AvailableForex, Indices, Commodities, Crypto
Educational ResourcesYes, including live webinars and expert advisors
CommunityYes, including a Discord community
Salary PotentialYes, for consistent profitability
Trading PlatformMetaTrader 5 (MT5)
Company RegistrationCity Traders Imperium Limited, London, UK
Regulatory StatusNot licensed by any financial regulator
Customer SupportLive chat, email, Discord (no phone support)

What makes City Traders Imperium stand out as a proprietary trading firm in 2024?


City Traders Imperium (CTI) stands out as a proprietary trading firm in 2024 for several reasons:

  1. Generous Capital Allocation: CTI provides traders with up to $4,000,000 in capital, allowing them to trade with significant funds once they pass the evaluation stage.
  2. Risk Management: The firm requires traders to place a stop loss on every trade, emphasizing the importance of risk management in trading.
  1. Trading Platform: CTI exclusively uses MetaTrader 5 (MT5), a leading platform for forex and CFD trading.
  1. Profit Sharing: Traders can receive a profit split of up to 70%, which is competitive within the industry.
  1. Educational Focus: CTI offers full training in Forex trading and aims to make professional trading accessible to a wide audience, including beginners.
  1. Community Engagement: With over 8,000 members in their Discord community, CTI fosters a collaborative environment for traders to share strategies and insights.
  1. Strategy Support: The firm supports a wide range of trading styles and strategies, although it prohibits certain practices like copy trading and high-frequency trading.
  1. Direct Funding Option: CTI offers a Direct Funding Program, allowing traders to bypass the evaluation phase and start trading with the firm's capital immediately.
  1. Mentorship and Coaching: CTI provides superior mentoring programs compared to other prop firms, offering professional guidance to help traders succeed.
  1. Trading Instruments: Traders funded by CTI can trade major and minor currency pairs, commodities such as oil and gold, and other instruments.
  1. Reputation and Trust: CTI has a stellar online reputation and positive reviews from traders, indicating a high level of trust and satisfaction with their services.
  2. Accessibility: The firm is known for its fast registration process, making it easy for traders to get started.

Models Offered by City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium (CTI) offers a range of models designed to cater to various trader needs and preferences. Below is a summary of the models provided by CTI:

ModelKey Features
2-Step Funding Program– Ideal for traders with high-risk tolerance.
– Offers higher drawdown and more leverage.
– Includes a 2-phase evaluation process.
– Profit share starts at 50%.
– Allows for exponential growth with scaling plans.
– Balance based drawdown.
– Commission: $4.5/lot.
– Average spreads: 0.2 pips.
1-Step Funding Program– Suitable for all trading styles with moderate risk.
– Provides flexibility and potential for exponential growth.
– Single phase evaluation.
– Profit share starts at 50%.
– Scaling plans available.
– Balance based drawdown.
– Commission: $4.5/lot.
– Average spreads: 0.2 pips.
No-Evaluation Funding Program– Skip the evaluation phase entirely.
– Immediate access to payouts.
– Profit share up to 100%.
– No minimum trading days requirement.
– Unlimited time limit.
– Commission: $5.5/lot.
– Average spreads: 0.2 pips.
– Leverage up to 1:33.

Pricing of models offered by City Traders Imperium

Here is a breakdown of the pricing for different models:

1-Step Funded Trader Program

1-Step Funded Trader Program
  • $4,000 Account: One-Time Fee of $59
  • $10,000 Account: One-Time Fee of $299
  • $20,000 Account: One-Time Fee 
  • $40,000 Account: One-Time Fee 
  • $60,000 Account: One-Time Fee 
  • $80,000 Account: One-Time Fee No-Evaluation Funding Program
  • $10,000 Account: One-Time Fee of $599
  • $20,000 Account: One-Time Fee of $1,199
  • $40,000 Account: One-Time Fee of $2,399
  • $60,000 Account: One-Time Fee of $3,599
  • $80,000 Account: One-Time Fee 

2 Step Funded Program

2 Step Funded Program
  • For a $50,000 account, the original price is $329.00, with a discounted price of $279.65
  • For a $100,000 account, the original price is $519.00, with a discounted price of $441.15

Other Programs

  • The challenge-funded trader program starts at $39 and goes up to $519
  • The 12.5K 50K Evaluation program is priced at $449

Getting Funded with The City Traders Imperium: Step-by-Step Guide

To get funded with City Traders Imperium (CTI), follow these brief steps:

  1. Select a Funding Program: Choose from the 2-step, 1-step, or No-Evaluation funding programs based on your trading style and risk tolerance.
  1. Register and Pay the Fee: Complete the registration process on the CTI website and pay the one-time fee associated with your chosen program.
  2. Meet the Evaluation Criteria: For the 2-Step and 1-Step programs, trade on a demo account and meet the profit targets and drawdown limits. The No-Evaluation program skips this step.
  1. Receive Funding: After successfully completing the evaluation (if applicable), you'll receive a funded account to start trading with CTI's capital.
  2. Trade and Share Profits: Trade according to CTI's rules and share the profits based on the agreed percentage, which can be up to 100% after scaling.
  1. Scale Your Account: Increase your account size by meeting profit targets and adhering to drawdown rules.

Additional Benefits

  • Educational Resources: CTI provides training and webinars to help you improve your trading skills.
  • Community Support: Join CTI's community to share strategies and learn from other traders.
  • Monthly Salary: Consistently profitable traders have the opportunity to earn a monthly salary, in addition to profit shares.

Trading Conditions of City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium offers trading conditions that are designed to be flexible and supportive of various trading styles and strategies. Here are the key trading conditions provided by CTI:

  • Trading Platforms: MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is available for trading activities.
  • Trading Styles: CTI supports all trading styles, including the use of Expert Advisors (EAs), hedging, discretionary trading, news trading, weekend trading, and holding trades overnight.
  • Profit Share: Traders can earn up to 100% profit share after scaling
  • Leverage: Up to 1:33, depending on the account type and funding program
  • Commission: $4.5 per lot for the 2-Step and 1-Step funding programs, and $5.5 per lot for the No-Evaluation funding program
  • Spreads: Average of 0.2 pips
  • Symbols Available: Traders can trade Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Crypto.
  • Drawdown: Balance-based drawdown is allowed, with a maximum daily drawdown of 5% and a maximum absolute drawdown of 10% for the 2-Step program.
  • Scaling Plans: CTI offers scaling plans that allow traders to grow their funded capital aggressively, with a profit target to scale up of 10%.
  • Salary Potential: Consistent profitability can lead to a monthly salary offer.
  • Risk Management: Traders must place a stop loss on every trade, and trades closed without a stop loss are considered a violation of the trading terms.

Comparison of City Traders Imperium (CTI) and its competitors

FeatureCity Traders ImperiumElite Trader FundingFunded Trading Plus
Year Founded2018N/A2021
Offices LocationUKFlorida, USALondon, UK
Maximum Balance$2,000,000$300,000$2,500,000
Instruments SupportedForex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Stocks, CryptoForex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Stocks, Crypto (CFDs); Equity, Foreign Exchange, Agricultural, Energy, Interest Rate, Metals, Crypto (Futures)Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Stocks, Crypto (CFDs); Equity, Foreign Exchange, Agricultural, Energy, Interest Rate, Metals, Crypto (Futures)
Funding Program TypesOne-Step Evaluation, Two-Step Evaluation, Instant FundingInstant FundingOne-Step Evaluation, Two-Step Evaluation, Instant Funding
Profit Split70%, up to 90%80%70%, up to 90%
Leverage1:10 (CFDs)1:10 (CFDs); 1:1 (Futures)Similar to CTI, specific details are not provided
Trustpilot Rating4.8/5.0Not specified4.9/5.0
Unique FeaturesMonthly salary potential, community support, comprehensive educational contentNot specifiedNot specified

Pros and  Cons of City Trader Imperium


  • Provides up to $4,000,000 in capital for trading
  • Payments of up to 100% of the net profit for transactions
  • Opportunity to trade with leverage
  • High-quality training available, including courses and personal mentorship
  • Fast registration process


  • Restrictions on trading strategies (e.g., Martingale, copy trading, high-frequency, and arbitrage trading are prohibited)
  • Limited asset choices (no trading cryptocurrencies, CFDs on stocks, commodities, and exotic currency pairs)
  • No demo account is available; a subscription fee is required to test trading conditions
  • Not licensed by any financial regulator
  • Trades closed without a stop loss are considered a violation of the trading terms

FAQs on City Traders Imperium

What is City Traders Imperium?

City Traders Imperium is a proprietary trading firm that provides up to $4M in capital to traders, offering the highest profit share in the industry since 2018.

What funding programs does CTI offer?

CTI offers 2-step, 1-step, and No-Evaluation funding programs, catering to traders with different risk tolerances and trading styles.

How can traders get funded by CTI?

Traders must first choose a plan, pay for it, and then prove their expertise on a virtual deposit account. Upon successful completion of the qualification stage, CTI provides capital for real market trading.

What trading platforms does CTI support?

CTI uses the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform for all trading activities.

Are there any restrictions on trading strategies with CTI?

Yes, CTI prohibits certain trading strategies such as Martingale, copy trading, high-frequency, and arbitrage trading.

What is the profit share offered by CTI?

CTI offers payments up to 100% of the net profit for transactions, with a competitive profit-sharing model.

How does CTI support its traders?

CTI provides high-quality training, including full-fledged courses and individual lessons with a personal mentor. It also fosters a community of traders committed to mutual growth and achievement.

Conclusion | City Traders Imperium Review

city traders imperium logo

In conclusion, City Traders Imperium (CTI) stands as a formidable entity in the proprietary trading firm landscape, offering traders up to $4,000,000 in capital and a chance to earn up to 100% of the net profit. With a structured approach to education, personalized coaching, and a thriving community, CTI is more than just a funding provider; it's a holistic mentorship hub.

The firm's commitment to fostering a community of like-minded individuals and providing mentorship programs underscores its dedication to nurturing successful traders. Whether it's through personalized psychological consultations or direct mentorship from trading veterans, CTI offers a comprehensive environment for traders to learn, grow, and prosper. 

For those with the drive and determination to excel in the trading world, City Traders Imperium could be the gateway to achieving consistent profitability and a rewarding trading career.

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