As the name suggests TopTier Trader is truly a Top-notch Trader! The King of Payouts! Established only in 2021, Top Trader has hit the big time!

TopTier Trader is a leading proprietary trading firm that provides talented traders with significant capital to trade the markets. 

Beginners are often a little apprehensive about the payout policy of a trading firm, but fret not! 

This article will provide an in-depth analysis of TopTier Trader's payout policy.

By the by, TopTier Trader offers traders up to a 90% profit split, which is one of the highest in the industry!

A little relieved? Aren’t you?! …

What are TopTier Trader Payouts?

TopTier Trader

TopTier Trader is a proprietary trading firm that provides traders with the opportunity to manage and grow their accounts. The firm offers a unique TopTier Challenge, which simulates real market conditions with specified profit targets and drawdown limits. This allows traders to test their skills in a sandbox environment before trading with real money.

Key InformationDetails
TopTier Trader FounderCueBanks and Anthony
Countries AvailableTopTier Trader has a two-tier evaluation system to determine if a trader meets their criteria. The first tier requires an 8% to 10% profit target second tier requires a 5% profit target traders must also adhere to a 5% daily loss limit and an 8% total loss limit
Evaluation SystemTopTier Trader has a two-tier evaluation system to determine if a trader meets their criteria. The first tier requires an 8% to 10% profit target second tier requires a 5% profit target traders must also adhere to a 5% daily loss limit and an 8% total loss limit
Key FeaturesTopTier Trader offers traders up to a 90% profit split, which is one of the highest in the industry firm supports a variety of trading styles, including news trading and weekend holding, It has flexible trading conditions and periods
Support24/7 SupportLive ChatFAQ Page

What are Payouts?

Payouts are of different types: Dividends, Binary Options, Proprietary Trading, Pay-in and Payout Days, and Funded Trading Programs. TopTier Trader is a proprietary trading firm, so let’s understand what payouts are in these proprietary trading firms!

TopTier Trader Payout

In proprietary trading firms, payouts refer to the profit share that traders receive from their trading profits. The specific terms can vary between firms. For example, some firms offer traders 100% of their first certain amount of profits, and a certain percentage (e.g., 90%) of any amount after that

Understanding TopTier Payouts

1. TopTier Trader Payout Timeline

One of the most important factors for funded traders is receiving their share of profits in a timely manner. TopTier Trader offers one of the fastest payout timelines in the industry:

  • Payout requests are processed within 3-5 business days after confirmation from the trader
  • Payouts are sent via Wise, so traders need to set up an account to receive funds
  • Accounts are set to read-only during payout processing to prevent withdrawals during this period

This rapid payout timeline allows traders to compound their profits quickly.

2. TopTier Trader Payout Eligibility

To be eligible for payouts, TopTier Trader traders must meet specific profit and drawdown thresholds:

  • First Payout Request: A user is eligible for the first payout request 14 or 30 days from the first trade depending on account type. There should be no active trades on the account.
  • Subsequent Payouts: The subsequent payouts initiate 14 days from the first trade after the last payout. No active trades on account.

Additionally, traders cannot have any active drawdown violations or account breaches to qualify for payouts.

3. TopTier Trader Payout Methods

TopTier Trader offers payouts via two methods:

  • BTC: Bitcoin payouts are available for those wanting quick access to funds.
  • Wise: Main payout method allowing fast bank withdrawals. It requires a Wise account. Wise payouts provide the fastest way to withdraw profits from TopTier into a bank account.

4. TopTier Trader Payout Splits

One of TopTier's most trader-friendly policies is their high-profit splits:

  • Base Profit Split: 80% for trader, 20% for firm
  • Maximum Profit Split: Up to 90% for top traders

This allows skilled traders to earn up to 90 cents for every dollar in profits generated. Very few prop firms offer splits this high.

Additionally, TopTier Trader has a generous scaling plan allowing top traders to access up to $2 million in trading capital with the same lucrative 90% payout split.

5. TopTier Trader Sample Payouts

To validate their rapid payout timeline and profitable trader splits, TopTier Trader shares statistics on recent payout batches:

Payout Amount: $9,051

MT4 Amount: $9,051

Percentage of 200k accounts: 4.53%

Additional examples of seven and eight-figure monthly payout totals showcase the profit potential for skilled traders.

Maximizing Profits

To earn the highest possible payouts from TopTier Trader, traders should focus on consistency, risk management, and scaling up strategies.

Key Tips Include

  • Trade within loss limits to avoid drawdown violations
  • Build strategies with positive expectancy
  • Engage size scaling to access more capital
  • Maintain consistency to reach 90% profit splits

The firm provides the backing for traders to turbocharge their earnings.

Rating and Reviews of TopTier Trader

Top Tier has a rating of 4.8/5.0 on TrustPilot based on 2,500 independent reviews.

Read these Real Reviews by Real people:

Review 1:

quick payouts friendly customer help…

quick payouts friendly customer help amazing discord for new traders top tier is a must try

Review 2:

Top Tier is top notch

Top Tier makes it easy to get funded and profitable when it comes to trading. Not only that but they also have a great rewards and affiliate program as well. I would recommend Top Tier for anyone beginner or expert to get funded. 

Review 3:

Quick Response and even quicker resolution

I recently faced an issue after passing a prop firm challenge – the second phase email was delayed. Enter Talha, the prop firm assistant who swiftly resolved the problem. Their prompt action and clear guidance made the experience seamless. Talha's dedication to customer satisfaction is commendable, reflecting positively on the prop firm's support system. Kudos to Talha for going above and beyond! If you encounter Them in your trading journey, rest assured, you're in capable hands. Thanks, Talha! and thank you TopTier 1 step closer to being funded!

All the Best!

FAQs regarding TopTier Trader Payouts

What is the TopTier Challenge and how does it work?

The TopTier Challenge is a two-phase evaluation process to assess traders' skills. Traders must meet profit targets of 8-10% in Tier 1 and 5% in Tier 2 without exceeding drawdown limits.

What account sizes and instruments can you trade?

TopTier Trader offers account sizes from $25k up to $300k. Traders can trade forex, indices, commodities, metals, and cryptocurrencies.

What are the trading conditions and restrictions?

Traders can hold weekend positions, trade news events, and access 24/7 support. Copy trading is prohibited and active trades cannot be held during payouts.

What are the payout timelines and profit splits?

Payouts are processed in 3-5 days. Profit splits start at 80/20 and go up to 90/10 for top traders. Payouts are biweekly after the first one.

How much does the TopTier Challenge cost?

Prices range from $250 for a $25k account to $1,399 for a $300k account.

How do you get in touch with TopTier Trader's support team?

Support is available 24/7 via live chat, email, Discord, and phone. Response times are typically very fast.

How long has TopTier Trader been operating?

TopTier Trader was founded in 2021, making it a relatively new but fast-growing prop trading firm


topier trader logo

With some of the fastest payout timelines, the highest profit splits, and the ability to scale profits substantially, TopTier Trader offers a compelling value proposition for aspiring prop traders.

Their payout structure rewards trading consistency and gives skilled individuals the platform to potentially generate life-changing income streams from the markets.

So, what are you waiting for??? Go grab and seal the opportunity to work with TopTier Trader and get exciting Rewards and Benefits! Not to forget the timely Payouts! 

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