The world of proprietary trading continues to captivate aspiring traders from across the globe! 

Are you in a quest to access capital and trading opportunities, and have been exploring various proprietary firms?!  

Then you’ve stumbled upon the perfect prop firm! ✨ Bespoke Funding Review Program✨

Through its tailored funding program, Bespoke Funding aspires to empower traders to unlock their potential! And guess what it offers a whopping 80% payout split!

Come with me as I dissect 🔪 everything about the prop firm! From key features to evaluation programs to payouts and a lot more! 

Let’s dive right into it!

Bespoke Funding Review | Unveiled

Grow up…It’s Bespoke Funding😑 (or should I grow up? 🥴) Anyway!

Bespoke Funding is a proprietary trading firm that provides a unique set of funding programs and challenge phases for traders. Through an exclusive partnership with ThinkMarkets brokerage, Bespoke offers access to trade forex, commodities, indices, metals, and crypto.

Bespoke Funding aims to provide an optimal proprietary trading environment through tailored programs, transparency, rapid funding/payouts, and strong profit potential. Their relaxed rules make for a low-stress arena suited for traders of all skill levels to embark on a rewarding trading career.

Bespoke Funding sets the stage for traders worldwide to tap into global financial markets lucratively through its stellar opportunities. 

Key InformationDetails
CEOUp to $4,000,000
Key featuresAccount Customization, Generous Trading Condition, Advanced Trading Condition, Swift Access
Trading PlatformMetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
Payout SplitUpto 80%
First PayoutAfter 14 days
Subsequent payoutsBi-weekly payouts
Daily Drawdown5%
HeadquartersDubai Silicon Oasis
Expert AdvisorsYes, trading is allowed with expert advisors
Max FundingUp to $4,000,000
Funding ProgramsClassic Challenge and Rapid Challenge
LeverageUpto 1:100
Weekend HoldingAllowed
ContactYou can contact the Bespoke Funding Program through customer support is also available through Discord, Live Chat, and Twitter.

Bespoke Funding Key Features

  • Account Customization:

Bespoke Funding offers traders the flexibility to choose between two types of challenge accounts – The Classic Challenge and the Rapid Challenge. Each account has customized rules and guidelines tailored to suit different trading requirements.

  • Generous Trading Conditions:

The program imposes few restrictions on trading styles and provides high leverage of up to 1:500 based on the account balance. Strategies like news trading, holding overnight positions, trading on weekends, and copy trading are permitted.

  • Advanced Trading Infrastructure:

Bespoke Funding provides access to the popular MetaTrader platforms MT4 and MT5. These interfaces are equipped with advanced tools, indicators, and add-ons well-suited for technical analysis.

  • Swift Access:

Traders gain instant access to platform credentials upon purchase of a challenge account. Logins for funded accounts are also provided promptly upon successful completion of the evaluation stages.

How to Sign Up For Bespoke Funding? Step-by-Step Guide

Here is an overview of what the sign-up process involves:

  • Step 1: 

Visit the Bespoke Funding website and click on “Get Funded” to view the available challenge accounts and options.

  • Step 2: 

Choose between the Classic Challenge or Traders Choice based on your experience level and preferences. These have different trading targets and evaluation processes

  • Step 3: 

Select your desired account size from options ranging from $10,000 up to $400,000 in funding allocation. Account size impacts factors like maximum lots and leverage.

  • Step 4: 

Purchase the challenge account through the online checkout process. The company accepts major credit cards and other online payment methods.

  • Step 5: 

Upon completing payment, you gain instant access to your platform credentials and demo account to start the evaluation process.

  • Step 6: 

Trade on the demo account to meet the profit targets within the rules and drawdown limits laid out for your selected challenge.

  • Step 7: 

Upon successfully completing the evaluation, you can apply for a funded account and access your capital allocation.

Bespoke Funding Pros and Cons


  • Balance-based daily drawdown rules
  • Producto time limits on evaluation challenges Pro 2
  • Generous profit splits
  • Unlimited free trial accounts
  • Educational academy and active community


  • Limited payout methods (currently only Bitcoin)

Bespoke Funding Programs

Bespoke Funding offers two types of challenge accounts – The Classic Challenge and The Rapid Challenge

1. The Classic Challenge

The Classic Challenge spans two phases, with no time limits imposed. In Phase 1, traders must achieve an 8% profit target while adhering to a 5% daily loss limit and 10% maximum loss. 

Phase 2 sets a lower 5% profit goal while keeping the same risk parameters. Successfully completing both steps leads to a funded account with balance-based risk rules but no profit expectations.

Traders appreciate the Classic Challenge's phased format that rewards consistency across multiple steps. Its flexible structure with no enforced trade minimums or maximums also appeals to those preferring an unrushed approach focused on stable growth. The funded account's profit split up to 90% provides further incentive.

Account SizePrice

Classic Challenge Scaling Plan

The Classic Challenge has a scaling plan that allows traders to increase their account size if they meet certain profitability criteria. Specifically:

Traders must be profitable for at least 3 out of the last 4 months, with an average return of 8% over that 3-month period.

If traders meet these criteria, they become eligible for an account size increase equal to 40% of their initial account size.

For example, if a trader starts with a $50,000 account and meets the profitability criteria, their account will increase to $75,000 after 4 months.

After the next 4 profitable months, the $75,000 account would then increase by 40% to $98,000. The account continues scaling up by 40% each period, as long as the profitability criteria are met.

So if a trader starts with a $50,000 account and continues meeting the profitability criteria every 4 months, their account will scale up from $50,000 to a whopping $137,200 over a period of 12 months.

2. The Rapid Challenge

For those seeking a faster-paced evaluation, Bespoke's Rapid Challenge condenses the process into two uncomplicated steps. Here the profit target stands at 8% in Phase 1 and 5% in Phase 2, but the maximum loss drops to 8% of the account balance. The lack of minimum trading days coupled with the 100:1 leverage allows skilled traders to accelerate their progress.

While the Rapid Challenge has stricter loss limits, its streamlined two-phase process enables adept traders to swiftly prove their abilities. The instant access to funding credentials also means participants can begin trading right away instead of waiting for approval.

Account SizePrice

Rapid Challenge Scaling Plans

Rapid Challenge also has a scaling plan. The criteria are as follows:

Traders must make at least 10% of the initial account balance in a single payout period.

If the trader meets the criteria, they become eligible for an account size increase equal to account size increases by 10% each time withdrawal.

For example, if a trader starts with a $50,000 account and makes $5,500 (11%) in net profit during the first payout period, their account would increase by 10% to $55,000.

After the next payout period, if they make $5,500 again, which is still greater than 10% of their original $50,000 starting balance, their account would increase by another 10% to $60,500.

Bespoke Funding Payouts

Bespoke Funding offers an attractive payout structure for successful traders, with opportunities to earn up to an 80% profit split. Traders have flexibility in how they withdraw their profits.

The withdrawal process allows the first payout request 14 days after placing the initial trade on a funded account. Subsequent payout requests can be made every 14 days. Bespoke processes withdrawal requests within 24 hours, enabling traders to access profits swiftly.

Regarding funding conditions, Bespoke pays out the agreed profit split even if traders breach their funded account rules, provided profits are generated. This favorable policy rewards trader for their profitable strategies.

The standard profit split stands at 80% for most challenges. However, traders completing the One Step Challenge can earn up to a 90% share of profits. This high percentage allows skilled traders to retain a significant portion of their earnings.

The payout structure does not impose profit targets once a funded account is activated. However, basic risk rules involving a maximum 5% daily drawdown and 10% total loss must be respected to continue trading the funded account.

Bespoke Funding provides a reliable, swift, and rewarding payout system. Its flexible policies on profit splits, even during account breaches, coupled with high profit retention rates create an attractive monetization structure for profitable traders.

Does Bespoke Funding Partner With a Legit Broker?

ThinkMarkets is a premium online brokerage that provides the trading infrastructure and account management for traders funded by Bespoke Funding. Headquartered in London and Melbourne, ThinkMarkets offers access to over 10,000 financial instruments across forex, indices, commodities, shares, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Traders funded by Bespoke Funding are provided live trading accounts through ThinkMarkets. They have the flexibility to choose between MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms based on their preferences. These platforms give access to advanced charting capabilities, trading tools, algorithmic trading, and more to support traders' needs.

With ThinkMarkets infrastructure, Bespoke Funding traders can access 40+ forex pairs, 10,000+ global stocks, major indices, commodities, and the top cryptocurrencies. No matter the market condition or asset class, ThinkMarkets strives to provide reliable market access and trade execution that gives traders the confidence to implement strategies.

Through the integration with ThinkMarkets, Bespoke Funding funded traders get institutional-grade infrastructure encompassing trading platforms, asset classes, liquidity, and execution services. This powers traders to unlock their potential by giving them the technology and market access to trade their edge successfully. The partnership expands opportunities for funded traders globally.

Why Should You Choose Bespoke Funding Over Other Prop Firms? 🤔

Now, a million-dollar question – Why should you choose Bespoke Funding from Other Prop Firms?

It’s a legit question! With numerous prop firms available why would someone go for Bespoke Funding?  I have summarized some points for you cuties (or Tony Stark 🤪), take a look:

1. No Time Restrictions: 

Bespoke's challenges do not enforce strict time restrictions. This allows traders to implement strategies at their own pace rather than rush to meet short deadlines like those imposed by firms such as My Forex Funds.

2. Flexibility: 

Bespoke offers the option to use balance-based instead of equity-based daily drawdown for risk management purposes. This added flexibility makes it easier for traders to pass evaluation phases.

3. Forgiving Approach: 

One of Bespoke's most trader-friendly policies is allowing profit payouts even if funded account rules are breached, as long as profits were made. Many rival companies void all payouts after a rule breach occurs. This forgiving approach rewards traders for their profitable strategies.

4. Generosity: 

Bespoke also provides relatively generous loss allowances on their funded accounts. Traders can face up to 10% total loss – giving them breathing room during volatile markets that may trigger premature stop-outs with other prop firms.

5. Instant Withdrawals: 

Once profits are made, Bespoke promises speedy withdrawals. Payout requests are processed within 24 hours so traders can access their earnings rapidly.

6. Communication and Transparency:

Bespoke's CEO actively engages with the trading community on social platforms. This transparency and openness help cement trader trust and confidence.

Some of the prop firms may offer even higher funding and all, but the trader-centric policies give Bespoke Funding key advantages over more rigid prop firm offerings. 

FeaturesBespoke FundingBlue GuardianInnovative FundingLux Trading Firm
Trustpilot Rating4.3/54.7/54.3/54.4/5
Max Funding$400,000$400,000$320,000$100,000
Profit SplitUpto 80%Upto 85%Upto 95%Upto 75%
Trading InstrumentForex, Commodities, Indices, and CryptocurrenciesCurrencies, Commodities, Indices, and GoldForex, Commodities, Indices, and CryptocurrenciesStocks, Bonds, Energies, Commodities, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies
Platforms and ToolsMetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5MetaTrader5MetaTrader 5, TradingView

Bespoke Funding Program Ratings and Reviews on Trustpilot

Bespoke Funding Program has an excellent rating of 4.4/5 on Trustpilot!

Review 1:

This client seems pretty well satisfied with the Bespoke Funding Program! He is also in awe of their broker! Who is it?? I’ve already mentioned it in the above sections😤 Yes, ThinkMarkets!

Review 2:

Matthew seems like an experienced trader! And, you know it's legit when an experienced trader praises a prop firm!

Review 3:

Fret not! We’ve everyone in the mix! Here’s a review from a beginner too! He loves Bespoke Funding 🤩

Final Thoughts

With its stellar industry reputation and focus on empowering traders, Bespoke Funding has solidified itself as a leading proprietary trading firm. The Bespoke Funding Program grants access to substantial capital, favorable conditions, and an exceptional trading experience.

Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced trader, the program serves as an avenue to augment your skills and achieve financial aspirations. 

By determining the ideal challenge package and diligently working through evaluations, you can secure funding and unlock their true potential.

It’s a no-brainer that the world of trading presents exciting possibilities for driven individuals! With Bespoke Funding as a trusted ally, you can embark on a journey to maximize returns, attain financial freedom, and achieve your dreams!

FAQs on Bespoke Funding

Is there a minimum trading activity requirement?

Accounts require at least 1 trade every 30 days. Inactivity beyond 30 days will trigger a breach.

Can Expert Advisors be used?

Yes, but malicious EAs like martingales, grids, arbitrage, and tick scalpers are not allowed.

How long does it take to get funded after passing a challenge?

Typically 72 hours after signing the agreement and submitting KYC documents. It can take longer in some cases.

What is the minimum age requirement?

Traders must be at least 18 years old to purchase a challenge account.

Can news trading be done?

Yes, news trading is allowed.

How are charges listed on statements?

Charges appear under the name “”.

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